The New StartupList Has Relaunched!

This is the original blog that Nick Frost created from his tent while serving for the US Navy in Afghanistan, but since his return to the California, StartupList has relaunched on a new platform. Go to the new StartupList to create your own profile, find, follow and recommend your favorite startups. Simply sign up for their service, and they’ll be able to contact you to follow up. Also, if you have your own startup, easily add it to the list, gain early adopters, and an easy to manage profile. 

Thanks for your support! 

JustUno, Build A Custom Coupon For Your Website

JustUno lets you create any type  of coupon for your readers, to go right on your site. Easly fits in the side of your page, complete with analytics, custom settings, and the chance to increase sales. Sign up and create your coupon

MyWebCareer, Discover And Manage Your Online Presence

MyWebCareer is a free service that helps you to discover, evaluate, and manage online data that may help your career prospects.

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MyCube, The Social Network Where You Are In Control From The Beginning

MyCube is banking on its digital life management services to help users regain “privacy, control and ownership” of their digital lives. MyCube is creating it’s “user-centric, content-rich, next-generation social network where users have complete control over their privacy and interactions on the Web.”

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PlotWatt, Your Home Energy Data Dashboard

PlotWatt is an analytics dashboard for the energy efficiency of your home. PlotWatt provides real-time output data, with ways of becoming more efficient and even places to go to find the right energy saving tools and appliances. Be sure to watch their video for more. Sign up for PlotWatt.